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Adam’s Academy currently offers mathematics tuition to students of IGCSE and CBSE syllabus. Live classes as well as course material such as videos, quizzes, assignments etc. will all be in English
To learn at Adam’s Academy you will need:
1. A laptop/desktop computer
2. A headset/earphones with mic
3. Zoom/Google Meet
We offer flexible plans where students can book as many hours of live instruction as they need. There is no minimum limit for hours booked per month. Live classes will be billed per hour. Adam’s Academy is meant to serve students from several countries and hence does not have a single hourly rate. The rate for each country will be fixed based on the market environment. Rates also vary with the student’s class. For example, Class 10 rates will be higher than Class 9 rates.
We are based in Calicut, a city in the south Indian state of Kerala. Of course, students from any part of the world can learn at Adam’s Academy since it is a purely online institute. We do not have physical classrooms.

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